Latest List of My Bucephalandra Collection

My List of Bucephalandra as of 05 Februari 2013


THIS LIST IS OUTDATED : please mail me for detailed info (edited 17 June 2013)

Bucephalandra Giant Red Stem
Bucephalandra Kotabaru
Bucephalandra Hulu Kapuas Green
Bucephalandra Hulu Kapuas Brownie
Bucephalandra Balai Karangan Black
Bucephalandra Catherineae xxx
Bucephalandra Nekan
Bucephalandra Jangkang
Bucephalandra Belindae
Bucephalandra Fake Catherineae
Bucephalandra Nanga Taman
Bucephalandra Ulysess
Bucephalandra Cascade King
Bucephalandra Central Borneo White Fang
Bucephalandra Central Borneo Sabertooh
Bucephalandra Malinau Apple Leaf
Bucephalandra Marnibow Layer Cake
Bucephalandra Mini Belindae
Bucephalandra Catherineae
Bucephalandra Tras Gaia
Bucephalandra Theia
Bucephalandra Semuntai
Bucephalandra Melawi
Bucephalandra Lamandau
Bucephalandra Sanggau
Bucephalandra Sekadau
Bucephalandra Nanga Pinoh

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  1. I live in Moscow. My name is Roman. I saw your site. It’s beautiful.
    I want to buy bucephalandra & Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus.
    Please send your price list and tell your terms. Thank you.

    With great respect,

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