Cryptocorine Annamica from Central Vietnam


One of our collection, cryptocorine annamica.

Cryptocoryne annamica is first collected by Orlov, a herpetologist from St. Petersburg university, in Central Vietnam in the Gia Lai province. Plants were brought to the Moscow Botanical Garden where it flowered for the first time. Serebryanyi (1991) recognized it as a new species but apparently was not aware that it was from Gia Lai and ascribed it as from Da Nang, the locality of the famous sterile plant ever collected by Clemens in 1927. In 1994, Hertel and Muehlberg were able to find the Da Nang Cryptocoryne and described it as C. vietnamensis. Both plants are quite similar, with bright green, smooth leaves when grown emerged and with dark green / brownish, bullate leaves with a purple lower side when growing submerged. The spathes however are very distinct.

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