Bucephalandra Pink Martini

Brand New Species that will rock your collection, “bucephalandra pink martini” from west kalimantan. Characteristic of this species is creeping species with long leaves and dark leaves at emersed. Pink Martini is mutation by hormones but stabilize at the progress. One of the must collectible item in your aquarium.

bucephalandra pink martini 2 bucephalandra pink martini


4 thoughts on “Bucephalandra Pink Martini”

  1. Hello.

    This is Feelaqua in South Korea.
    I look this web site accidentally.
    I interest many buce.
    And also interest in Pink Martini.
    Could I buy this buce, please??
    This buce is so beautiful..
    If you sell me the buce, please let me know the price.
    Thank you.
    Please contact us.

    Regards Feelaqua.

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