Did you want to buy some of our collection of bucephalandra?

  1. You can email me for the list of the plant that I sell or use contact form https://bucephalandra.com/contact/.
  2. We can ship worldwide via EMS (Indonesian Air Mail). Check rates in here : http://ems.posindonesia.co.id/.
  3. We have minimum quantity per shipment, we will explain in the email.
  4. We only shipping to maximum two dealers per country to avoid the price war.
  5. Payment via Paypal / Western Union with paypal surcharge is 4% from the total buy + shipping cost.
  6. DO NOT Throw away damaged plants caused by shipment, take a picture of the plants and we will refund the money.


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3 Comments to “Bucephalandra for Sale”

  1. Peter Yau says :

    I am interested in your product, price and more pictures?
    like to meet you!

    1. admin says :

      hi,… you can contact me via whatsapp or email me. We can arrange the meeting if you like :)

  2. cumhur says :

    hi there,

    i want to buy some bucep&crypt and ech. please advise how to proceed