Bucephalandra Brown Sugar


Bucephalandra Brown Sugar, found in puttusibau area, the leaves are quite small compared to another bucephalandra. Here’s the comparation of brown sugar and batang lemanak.



3 thoughts on “Bucephalandra Brown Sugar”

  1. Received this one this week, looking forward to scaping with it very soon. Right now is settleing into emersed tank. Quality of plant arrived just as I saw it a few weeks ago in Singapore.
    many thanks Doddy

    1. Hiya mate,..
      How are you? :) Glad u received it in a good condition.
      Should we having fun again :)

  2. Hi Doddy, I am very well. I hope you and Imron are also good. Brown sugar slow to start, but now I have many new leaves. Time I think for this to go into aquascape.
    Will mail you some photos once set up.
    Take care guys
    And yes we will have more fun in the future :)

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