Assassin Snails “Clea Helena”

assasin snail clea helena bucephalandra 2 assasin snail clea helena bucephalandra

Assassin Snails “Clea Helena” have conical, yellow and dark brown striped shell makes assassin snails an attractive addition to any aquarium, not just the ones with a pest snail infestation!

Assassin Snails usually grow to a maximum size of around 0,5 inch/1,3 cm, although slightly bigger snails have been reported. Like many other snail species they use a siphon, which can usually be seen sticking out of the shell, to breathe. Telling males and females apart is not really possible.

Tank size     10 gal (38L)?
Temperament     Moderate
Diet     Carnivore
Temperature     75-80°F/24-26.5°C
pH     7.5-8.0

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