Month: February 2013

Bucephalandra sp Semuntai

Several of our latest collection of Bucephalandra sp Semuntai is growing well at our farm. At first I thought that this similar to sp Sintang, but somehow i found that the submerged condition is very different than sintang.

Latest List of My Bucephalandra Collection

My List of Bucephalandra as of 05 Februari 2013 THIS LIST IS OUTDATED : please mail me for detailed info (edited 17 June 2013) Bucephalandra Giant Red Stem Bucephalandra Kotabaru Bucephalandra Hulu Kapuas Green Bucephalandra Hulu Kapuas Brownie Bucephalandra Balai Karangan Black Bucephalandra Catherineae xxx Bucephalandra Nekan Bucephalandra Jangkang Bucephalandra Belindae Bucephalandra Fake Catherineae Bucephalandra …

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